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How to scheduling your work and jobs.

How can I see my schedule?

Your scheduled appointments and calendar can be accessed from the Schedule link on the top menu after logging into your account.

How do I schedule an appointment?

New appointments can be scheduled from either the Schedule link on the top menu or from the job the appointment is for.

Managing Jobs

How to manage your jobs, notes, and all the details.

How do I create a job?

Jobs can be started either from the Jobs link on the top menu, or from the customer that you would like to create a new job for.

How can I add notes to a job?

If you have any specific requests from your customer or notes you need to keep track of for a job, you can attach those directly to the job by adding a note to it.

How do I create a customer?

New customers can be added by using 'Add a New Customer' from the Customers link on the top menu.

How do I mark a job as complete?

Marking your jobs as complete can help keep them organized, which can be done by using 'Mark as Complete' from the job's action menu.

Invoicing and Estimates

How to invoice customers and provide estimates.

How can I remove an invoice or estimate?

You can get rid of unwanted estimates and invoices by clicking on the remove link located at the bottom of the estimate/invoice you no longer need.

How do I convert an estimate to an invoice?

Converting an estimate to an invoice is a handy time saver which can be done by clicking on 'Convert to an Invoice' in an estimate's action menu.

How do I create an estimate?

You can create as many estimates as you need for a particular job by using 'Create an Estimate' from that job's action menu.

How do I mark an invoice as paid?

Keep track of invoices that've been paid by using 'Mark as paid' from the invoice's job action menu.

Invoice payment reminders

Invoice payment reminders are sent by us automatically based on the payment terms of the invoice if your customer has an email address.

What fees are associated with online invoicing?

Online invoices are a great way to get paid fast and securely. For each invoice there is a 3.15% processing fee and a flat .55 cents fee for each payment transfer to your bank account.

How do I create an invoice?

A new invoice can be created for a job by using the job's action menu and clicking 'Create an Invoice'

Managing Your Company and Account

Answers to common questions about your WorkWeek account.

How can I change my password?

Your password can be changed or recovered by going to the password recovery page.

How do I cancel my account?

Send us an email to if you need to cancel your account for any reason

How do I update my services?

Services can be added or removed by accessing the 'Manage your company' page which is located under Account on the top menu.

Setting Up Your Website

Help and tips on setting up your WorkWeek business website.

How can I change my website information?

Your WorkWeek website can be updated and customized by logging in to your account and then accessing the Website Setup page from the Account management screen