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If you manage a website for a DTC brand, this course is definitely for you! Whether you’re a marketing professional, a founder, or anyone else making sure your brand’s website converts, you will benefit from learning how to create a fantastic website (and diagnose issues keeping it from converting).

The course includes a combination of self-paced assignments on our learning platform, Teachable, and a 90-minute group discussion at the end of each week.

In this course, you’ll learn everything you need to create a DTC website that converts. Here’s a quick overview:
Week 1: Understanding What Works | Learn about how to optimize the customer journey to drive conversions and assess your website to see where to focus your efforts.
Week 2: Get Your Product Right | We’ll dive into the product journey and how to design websites that meet every type of ecommerce customer where they are.
Week 3: Strengthen Your Website Basics | You can’t make your website shine without mastering the essential elements!
Week 4: Grow & Evolve | With knowledge of what works and doesn’t, learn how to test and optimize your website so it’s always getting better and working for you.

Over the course of 4 weeks, you will complete assignments on your own via our learning platform, Teachable, as well as attend a weekly 90-minute live session led by yours truly. You should expect to spend about 3 hours per week on this course.

The course is led by me (Ari Murray!) with the support of a dedicated Program Manager. You can reach out to your Program Manager for support at any time by emailing [email protected].

Once you have enrolled in our course and made a payment, we do not offer refunds under any circumstances. This policy is in effect to ensure fairness and maintain the integrity of our course offerings.

Email any questions you have about the program to [email protected]. Expect to hear back within 24-48 hours!

Can't Go-to-Millions with a bad website.


Brands that learn from Go-to-Millions

There are a thousand things that make your site work for your customers. Or make it flop. Search engine visibility. Powerful content structures. Optimizing your site for mobile visitors. This isn’t rocket science, but this isn’t art, either. 

We're team FUNCTION > FORM and if your products don’t sell, something is missing. I’m sharing everything I know about creating a site that converts (and how to diagnose it when it doesn’t).

Get a behind the scenes look at the swipe file I've built over my career.

Learn my top tricks

Get my live feedback

Submit your own site for a chance to get real-time advice and insights, or submit a competitors site to get a quality analysis into what they’re doing right (and wrong).

I've built and optimized over 100 websites - but I've never actually taught anyone what I do, how I do it, or why. Until now - I'm taking this opportunity and I am making it fab.

Website Wizard

Join the Academy

4 weeks. 4 jam-packed sessions.

We’ll be going over the anatomy of a homepage, north stars to follow when you’re designing, how to nail down your product experience, and so much more.

Evolve and grow your brand.

Learn how to have your pulse on when and how to make changes, why multivariate testing can push you to the next level, and when it’s time for a redesign.

Learn timeless tips & tricks

Your homepage is the window to your brand’s soul. It’s the central jumping-off point for the rest of your site. I’ll teach you everything I know about how to show your worth, not tell it.

with me.

I've seen hundreds thousands of DTC sites in my career. And most of them could be excellent, but they fall short (sad to see it). Of course, every niche is different, but the framework for a site that converts is universal.

I currently work as a Chief Growth Officer, but that's now. Before, I was an Ecommerce Manager across the biggest brands in the world. I was in-house, now I'm at an agency - but the one thing I always need for any brand I touch is a website that is at its best.

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“Love love love your funnel hacks, honestly. It’s always a fun read but so very insightful and reminds us to look at our own (and other’s) stuff with different eyes. Thank you.”

"Ari! Saw your email with Doré’s funnel hack! Thank you for your expert insights and suggestions! We’ll be sure to test all of it out! Let us know how you like Doré!"

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"LOVED your 5 Rules. Sincerely helpful content right there. Let me hit my first $20k month, and there’s a Birkin with your name on it!"

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"I love these! I read your emails and apply 1-2 things to my website based on your breakdown. I have learned I am biased with my website and not as open eyes as I am usually! So this helps me immensely."

"I’m working on starting a small digital marketing agency, with a focus on copy and content writing. I hope to produce works that are at least half as good as what you’re putting out."