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Micro Business

You've heard of Small Business, but have you heard of Micro Business? The term isn't used very often, and it's not well known. Micro Business often gets lumped in with small business, but they're not the same thing and the distinction is important.

A Micro Business is often defined as having only one owner and up to five employees, including the owner. Small Businesses are typically defined as more than five employees, up to a total of 500. That's a big difference in size, so you can imagine there's a lot of difference in how Micro Businesses and Small Businesses are run.

There are actually more Micro Businesses in the U.S. than any other business type, by far—they make up 92% of all businesses. They've also contributed to the creation of over 26 million U.S. jobs.

We think Micro Businesses are really important, and unfortunately most business software is built for small to medium sized businesses, which is why we created WorkWeek.