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If you've done work for a customer, you'll probably want to get paid for it. An invoice is a document that makes that possible. It serves both as a record of the work done and in some cases a soft contract of the amount owed and the payment terms. Some of the things you'll want to have on an invoice are:

  • The date of the invoice
  • Your business contact info (so the invoice can be paid)
  • The customer's contact info
  • The line items and amounts for the work you've done
  • The total amount due
  • Payment terms (and due date)

Invoices should be professional, thorough, and clear. If your invoices aren't clear, you'll get questions which can slow down the payment process. If the invoice isn't thorough enough, you can get disagreements about the work or the payment, which again can slow down the payment process.

WorkWeek invoices make your business look professional, and allow your customers to pay online, so you're not waiting on a check in the mail or taking the time to deposit it.