Breaking glass ceilings, one foundational step at a time.

Historically, the fintech industry has been dominated by people from specific ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. This asynchronous course highlights the impact that diversity and inclusion have on promoting a more inclusive and equitable fintech ecosystem.

This jargon-filled industry doesn’t make getting your foot in the door easy. Learn how you can embrace the path less traveled, while avoiding pitfalls the whole way. This asynchronous course highlights the impact that diversity and inclusion have on promoting a more inclusive and equitable fintech ecosystem.


What to expect


Learn the basics
In this course, you'll gain a foundational understanding of fintech to equip yourself for working in the industry and set yourself apart from other candidates and colleagues.

Hold your own with experienced fintech professionals
The best thing about this program is that it fits into your busy schedule. Each module only requires 3 hours/week and can be completed on your own time, when it's most convenient. 


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Nicole Casperson is a journalist, podcast host and founder of the media company Fintech Is Femme. With more than 60,000 subscribers to her podcast and newsletter, Nicole is a trusted source of news, insights and analysis.

In 2022, she was named a Top Inspiring Female in Fintech by NYC Fintech Women and a Top Influencer in Financial Twitter by and featured in the LA Times and Nasdaq Trade Talks.

She is also a finalist for Fintech Nexus Industry Awards as DEI Trailblazer 2023. Nicole is a sought-after speaker who discusses topics such as fintech, diversity, community building and storytelling. She is also a regular contributor to and writes about issues that affect gender equity, finance, and technology.

Be in great company

with Fintech professionals like...

Real dialogue about real problems.

Empower non-traditional fintech professionals to make their mark on the industry and effect meaningful change from the inside out

Analyze big picture questions at the intersection of fintech and DEI. What are the ethical implications of algorithmic bias? What impact does fintech have on financial inclusion?

Learn how to embrace change

Discover how avoiding building diverse teams can result in unintentional biases and barriers in product design, marketing, and customer support solutions.

Gain knowledge on key fintech concepts and tools, such as blockchain technology, mobile payments, and robo-advising, with a focus on how they can be leveraged to address DEI challenges in financial services.

Accelerate your career

Gain a foundational understanding of fintech and confidently complicated subjects with your peers. 

Learn how to look for leaders that focus on giving platforms to underrepresented communities and who highlight initiatives for DEI.

Ann-Frances Villar
Account Manager, SMB 
at PitchBook

Vered Frank
Head of Product & Marketing 
at Seeds Investor

Samrah Kazmi
Chief Innovation Officer - Head of Risk Partnerships at RESRG

Built with Fintech leaders at organizations like...

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Breaking glass ceilings, one step at a time.

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Broaden your 
of fintech

Fintech is hard. Starting a new career in fintech as a minority is especially hard. Fintech has historically fought change and anything that threatens the status quo. But it's time for fintech to join the 21st century.

Without a solid foundation (like the principles, concepts, and laws that underlay fintech), you will struggle to compete on the same level as your well-versed colleagues and you may be unwittingly partaking in unethical and illegal practices.

Acquire a foundational understanding of financial literacy.

Gain a deep understanding of the fintech industry and its impact on the economy.

Equip yourself with the skills to excel in today's job market by gaining intimate knowledge about the latest trends, regulations, DEI principles, and ethical considerations of fintech.

This course is perfect for those that want to:

About 3 hrs/wk that you can complete on your own time.

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You can reach out to [email protected] We do our best to accommodate every participant who joins the course.



  • Lesson 1: Getting Started

  • Lesson 2: Why is Fintech Important?

  • Lesson 3: What is Fintech?

  • Lesson 4: Big Picture Questions in Fintech

  • Lesson 5: Where do we go from here?

  • Lesson 6: Conclusion

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Fintech Is Femme is a community for women to connect and learn about other inspiring femmes and a place for allies to gain exposure to a diverse network of the most badass women in the fintech game. Together, we create systemic change, thrive in our careers, and build products that serve people and profits. 


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