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Nicole Casperson is a journalist, podcast host, and the founder of Fintech Is Femme, a media company dedicated to creating an equitable and diverse industry. Nicole has become a trusted source of fintech news, insights, and analysis. Some of her recent accomplishments include:

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Nicole teaches Financial Management at the Parsons School of Design in NYC and is a regular contributor to Forbes, writing about topics that intersect gender equity, finance, and technology. In 2022, she was named Top Inspiring Female in Fintech by NYC Fintech Women, Top Influencer in Financial Twitter by, and was a Fintech Nexus DEI Trailblazer Award Finalist.

  1. Growing her twice weekly newsletter Fintech Is Femme from 0-50,000 Fintech industry subscribers in under a year.
  2. Bringing 300+ female Fintech founders together to share their personal stories in sold-out events in New York and San Francisco. 
  3. Speaking at the 2023 Women’s World Banking Summit in Mumbai to Money 2020 Amsterdam and Las Vegas. 

The Founder

Some of her recent insights:




May 18, 2023

July 13, 2023

July 20, 2023

Women supporting women

Event gallery

NYC Fintech Week ‘23

SF Fintech Week ‘23

Nasdaq x Nicole, NYC

Money 20/20

NYC Fintech Week

Real Talk Virtual

NYC Fintech Week ‘23

Women’s World Banking Conference, Mumbai


From Fintech leaders

“In an industry full of wannabes...Nicole Casperson is one of my favorite big picture thinkers in Fintech.”

-Dr. Daniel Crosby, Chief Behavioral Officer & NYT Bestselling author

“The power of a storytelling can move history and we're lucky Nicole Casperson has the pen."

-Lule Demmissie, CEO, eTORO U.S.

“Nicole, thank you for including me. I loved being part of it. And congratulations on what you have built, and are building."

-Sallie Krawcheck, Founder & CEO, Ellevest

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What is Real Talk?

Real Talk is an inspiring community of ambitious fintech founders, operators, investors, and innovators committed to pushing boundaries and lifting each other up as they strive towards professional and personal growth.

Why does Real Talk exist?

This community brings the financial inclusivity promised by fintech to life, and is designed to make progress in this realm through meaningful connections, conversations, and collaborations. By championing a culture of inclusion and elevation, Real Talk is blazing the trail towards a brighter future for everyone. We invite you to join us on this journey and be part of this powerful movement.

What are the Real Talk Values?

You can check out our community values here.

Why isn’t Real Talk free?

We would love to make this community free, but to keep the experience as authentic and engaging as possible, we charge membership dues that can be expensed or consider it an investment in yourself and your growth!

What is Fintech is Femme?

Fintech Is Femme is a media platform dedicated to upholding fintech’s promise of financial inclusivity, by elevating the stories of women and diverse leaders through a weekly newsletter, monthly podcast, events and the Real Talk community.

Who is Nicole Casperson?

Nicole is the founder of Fintech Is Femme and a journalist with a background as a finance reporter. She founded Fintech Is Femme after growing tired of mainstream media never centering women as leaders in fintech. So she created this platform to rewrite the narrative and change the industry once and for all.

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