Your small business dashboard

How well is your business really doing right now? If you can’t answer that, we can help!

workweek small business dashboard overview

business dashboard at a glance

Your business at a glance…

Get a glimpse of how everything is looking right now. You work hard and love what you're doing. We help you find out where your business is going.

See which way your invoice totals are trending, where your customers are coming from, how many days are left in the month/quarter, and how your customers feel about your work.

We’ll show you just what you need to see, and if you need more, you can dig into the details.

indepth view of your business in the dashboard

…or in detail

View your business in detail to examine past months, quarters, or years. It’s in-depth insight like this that you've probably never been able to see before.

The dashboard unlocks information that can help shape the way you run your business. It shows when your slow seasons are, what services make you the most money, and where your best customers are coming from. Best of all, it’s easy to use.

indepth view of your business in the dashboard
customer feeback and satisfaction ratings

Automated customer satisfaction

Happy customers mean a successful business, and WorkWeek takes care of collecting important customer feedback for you by automatically asking your customers how you did on a job.

Once you’ve got enough feedback, we’ll show you how well you’re doing overall as well as the 25 most recent customer comments. Easily spot if your customers aren't happy before it becomes a bigger issue.

download csv for taxes

Tax-time reports

Time to pay the T-man? We’ve got you covered. When it’s tax time we make it easy to download invoice and travel reports so you can hand them over to your spouse, bookkeeper, or accountant.

With just a few clicks you can get back to work without stressing over finding that folder full of post-it notes and paper invoices.

download csv for taxes

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