Customer management tools don't need to be complicated

You don’t need a CRM, you just need to manage and keep up with your customers and their jobs.

customer management with workweek

workweek tracks all of your customer details

Never forget a name

Every job you create in WorkWeek is connected to a customer, which makes organization a breeze. With a simple search, you can find any info you need about a customer, see how much money a they have made you, and see which have paid their bills and who’s late on payment. Never forget a customer and say goodbye to the rolodex.

email marketing campaigns to any customer

Stay in touch and find more work

Once you've built up a customer list, you can easily send email marketing campaigns. It sounds scary, but it’s not – we make it simple to send emails to any group of customers: those who you've performed certain services for in the past, your high dollar customers, and even those that you provided an estimate to but the job didn't work out. WorkWeek makes it possible to stay in touch with just a few clicks.

email marketing campaigns to any customer
reply to customer feedback you receive

Right the wrongs

WorkWeek automatically sends a survey to your customers when the job is complete, and their feedback becomes an integral part of your business. Happy customers are great sign to potential customers, so we make it easy for you to publish their comments directly on your website. Feedback from unhappy customers can give valuable insight, allowing you to figure out what went wrong and how to make it right. Each customer has a voice, and WorkWeek makes it easy for you to remember who said what and why.

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