Professional and clear estimates

Having trouble keeping up with estimates or quotes? Need to track the customer’s approval? We've got you covered.

workweek estimate that has been sent

simple and clear estimates

Simple and straight forward

Most customers want a simple breakdown of the job that is itemized and easy to see and understand what they’re paying for, and WorkWeek estimates take care of that and more.

Essential information such as your business name and address as well as the customer's info are automatically filled out, and all you need to do is add line items to complete the estimate. Once the estimate is created, we make it a snap to print or email it to your customer.

converting an estimate to an invoice with one button

One-click invoicing

When your estimate has been approved and you’re ready to invoice the customer, it’s as easy as a single click.

Convert the estimate to an invoice, make any changes you may need, and then send it to the customer. Save time and trouble with easy estimate-to-invoice conversion.

converting an estimate to an invoice with one button
calendar with an estimate expiration date

Act now

Need to set an expiration date for one of your estimates? It's easy, simply add the date you want it to expire and send it to your customer.

The estimate will clearly let the customer know how long it's good for, and when expiration date has passed, they'll have the option to reach out to you for an updated estimate.

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