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Invoicing for Electricians

Invoice anywhere

When you're moving between jobs and customers, invoicing can be a hassle and inconvenient, but with WorkWeek it couldn't be easier. WorkWeek's professional and detailed invoices can be created anywhere, from a computer at home or right from the job site with your mobile phone. They take seconds to make and can emailed directly to your customers.

Business Dashboard for Electricians

Business Dashboard

WorkWeek includes a business dashboard that helps give you deep insights into the health of your business, and it grows along with you. It keeps track of invoicing trends, which services bring the most money, where your yearly slow seasons are, and more. It even has end of year reports that can help you compare your business year-to-year and find any problem areas.

Business Dashboard for Electricians
Zero-Effort Business Website for Electricians

Effortless Website

The internet is one of the biggest sources of new customers for many service businesses, and if you don't have your own website you're missing out on a lot of potential work. WorkWeek gives you a professional, worry-free website that's up and running in seconds. We do all the hard work for you, and you get a site that helps bring in new customers and grow your business.