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Invoicing for Cleaning Businesses

No-effort Recurring Invoices

Whether it's a weekly office clean or a monthly residential deep clean, repeating jobs are an essential part of your business. WorkWeek's recurring invoices can help streamline the process and remove the hassle of manually creating invoices every week or month. Just create an invoice once for your repeating jobs and then a new one will automatically be created at the right time.

Scheduling for Cleaning Businesses

Simple Scheduling

WorkWeek's schedule makes it easy to keep track all of your appointments, and since it's all online, you can access it at any time from your phone and your data can never be lost. See all your events in the calendar view or quickly check what's scheduled for today or the next two weeks. It can even tell you when your next available appointment is so that you can quickly schedule a cleaning with your customers.

Scheduling for Cleaning Businesses
Customer Feedback for Cleaning Businesses

Easy Customer Feedback

Customer feedback and testimonials are incredibly valuable. They can key you into areas that need improvement, but they can also be powerful marketing tools. Asking each and every customer for feedback is time consuming, but WorkWeek makes it simple. Any time you finish a job we'll automatically email your customers to ask them how you did. Their feedback in itself is useful, but you can also choose to publish their testimonials on Facebook and your WorkWeek website, which can strengthen your credibility with new customers.