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The great D-8 debate, what legalization means, and ditching the traditional cannabis trade show.

The great D-8 debate​ Scott’s whole post dives deeper into the regulations, but I couldn’t fit it all here. “Delta-8 THC…

How cannabis legalization saves healthcare dollars

State by state cannabis legalization directly benefits the economy in several ways.  Here are a few of my favorite examples:  Approximately 12.5%…

Cannabis & truckers, federal protections for state programs, D.C. ditches docs for cannabis patients

Cannabis & the trucker shortage The Transportation Department says roughly 300,000 truck drivers leave the profession every year. But the lack of…

Municipalities, President Biden, and the future industry.

How local governments impact cannabis​ I talk a lot about federal regulations (lookin’ at you, last Sunday’s newsletter). I talk a…

No taxation without representation. Repeal 280E

A lot of issues in cannabis set my heart on fire to do more and say more.  Repealing or amending…

No more doctor’s recs in D.C., the incoming national patient database, and local radio & TV cannabis ads.

Doctor’s recommendations are done in D.C.​ D.C. residents can now self-certify themselves for medical cannabis without seeing a doctor. The Washington D.C….

Terpene testing for all, taxes and transparency, and where we’ll be next year.

So, I’ll be honest y’all. I am basically on board the “terpenes are overhyped” train.  And it’s NOT because I don’t think…

We want safe weed. And consumers think we already have it.

If there’s one thing the American cannabis industry knows: it’s that we are a fragmented market.  We know there are “no rules.”…