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Empowering cannabis workers, the limitless world of edibles, and the future failures of cannabis.

The ROI of empowering your cannabis workers The cannabis industry has an alarmingly high turnover rate.  Headset found that in…

Cannabis can’t wait on federal legalization to implement quality standards.

80% of American cannabis consumers think cannabis products are produced with consistent safety product standards – regardless of the legal…

House passes cannabis research bill, Brittney Griner might come home, and Texas’s inch towards legalization.

House passes cannabis research bill  The U.S. House of Representatives passed the Medical Marijuana and Cannabidiol Research Expansion Act on…

The EU’s Novel Foods, flower’s grip on market share, and stale cannabis events.

Novel Foods in the EU This is an interesting subject for me to talk about because it doesn’t involve the…

Bringing Missouri’s culture to brands & Jane’s not-so-Amazon strategy

Vivid is infusing St. Louis culture with cannabis – and it‘s delicious  I might be biased y’all, but I love…

The scarcity mindset, cannabis on Instagram, & the federal legalization question.

The scarcity mindset is real in cannabis.  And guess what? I’ve fallen victim to it even though I’m not a plant-touching operator….

The hidden Midwest cannabis powerhouse​

Many people are surprised to hear I live in Missouri.  I usually hear something like “I didn’t realize Missouri even had a…

Social equity in CT, California’s testing, and tax revenue for public libraries.

Connecticut chooses social equity applicants​ Connecticut has awarded 16 social equity commercial cannabis licenses to applicants in the state.  Recipients were chosen…