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The Bipartisan Barricade

MY HOT TAKE The Bipartisan Barricade Americans have spoken about cannabis. Lawmakers aren’t listening.  92% of Americans think medical cannabis should be…

3 Key Changes Our Industry Must Make Now

DEEP DIVE 3 Key Changes Our Industry Must Make Now Cannabis professionals are filled with ideas to improve this industry….

How should we legalize cannabis?

The cannabis industry has to be careful what we wish for. The words “federal legalization” gets thrown around a lot,…

A World Without Alcohol 

Imagine a world in which more people consume cannabis vs alcohol. What would this world look like? What are the…

The Future Of Interstate Cannabis Commerce

It’s easy to sell products on a national scale. While interstate commerce is one of the easiest things for a…

The Cost Of Cannabis In North America

In Ireland, consumers can pay up to $500 USD for an ounce of cannabis. Thankfully, in North America the prices…

Women In The Cannabis Industry

DEEP DIVE Women In The Cannabis Industry Breaking down the latest data from the Women in Cannabis study… A new…

NFL Grants $1 Million to Study Cannabis

Cannabis In The NFL Breaking down the past, the present, and the future of cannabis in the NFL… American Football…