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Rounding up Q1 ’22 in climate & climate tech

1. ENERGY SECURITY What’s up:  Russia invaded Ukraine, shocking most of the world and even expert analysts, in whose estimation…

Nitrous oxide – no laughing matter

In one of my popular newsletters this quarter (sent on 3/1; based on total open ratio), I wrote: It took…

Digital carbon – time to pay attention

If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it. – Lord Kelvin Two newsletters in a row feature this quote….

The securities and environmental commission?

It’s official. It’s been in the works for a while – yesterday the SEC approved a new proposal that will require publicly…

Offsets take off

Banner week for Direct Air Capture technology.  First, Airbus placed an order for 400,000 tonnes of carbon removal credits from 1PointFive. These are future credits…

Methane ‘Mootral’ cows

Reducing methane emissions from cows

Moving emissions with emissions

Here’s a news story that caught my eye because it illustrates just how complex the broader umbrella of ‘climate tech’ can get. …

Nuclear doomscrolling

Why nuclear power plants aren't that dangerous, even during a war