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Capital to endure

Providing alternative financing to climate tech startups.

Sustainability valley

John Doerr, who made his fortune as a venture capitalist in Silicon Valley, has given $1.1B to Stanford University to establish a…

Newsom 🤝 nuclear?

Nuclear power has been on the back foot in recent decades, especially in the West. That’s why pro-nuclear activists readily…

Catching up on CDR

The past ~month has been a busy one for this climate tech vertical, including: Enhanced visibility into billions of $s on…

Crusoe Energy pulls in 9 figures

How Crusoe Energy reduces methane gas emissions (and more)

Making solar energy storage smaller ☀️

Everyday electronic gadgets like your phone, headphones, and smart watch are powered by lithium-ion batteries charged with electricity. Even if…

Making CDR a movement

Public procurement for carbon removals

Supercharging an industry

Stripe changed the payments industry. Now, they’re going after carbon removal.   Less than a week ago we covered a $640M raise…