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Methane ‘Mootral’ cows

Reducing methane emissions from cows

Moving emissions with emissions

Here’s a news story that caught my eye because it illustrates just how complex the broader umbrella of ‘climate tech’ can get. …

Nuclear doomscrolling

Why nuclear power plants aren't that dangerous, even during a war

ESG: Everything (sadly) goes

A critical inflection point for ESG

10’xing the doom scroll

I was enjoying some drinks at an investor event in Los Angeles on Friday night, which meant that for once,…

A tale of two trials

Russia used a moment in which Western Europe was about as hamstrung by energy shortages as ever to try and…

An inflection point

Two weeks ago I wrote this in an email I sent on European energy interdependence: Outsized reliance on fossil fuels…

What’s in scope? 🔬

Last month, the California Senate passed a bill requiring that all companies generating more than $1B in revenue annually report their Scope…