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Battery swapping; back from the dead?

How and why Ample aims to scale battery swapping in the U.S.

Cash for carbon

All time pre-purchases for carbon removal and carbon capture have 40x'd so far in 2023.

Soldiers of circularity

How Chapul Farms systematizes the black soldier fly as a climate solution

Under-discussed energy transition metals 

Climate tech companies want to make everything from aluminum parts to neodymium magnets more sustainably

The EPA pursues the power sector

The EPA proposes new guidelines to curb emissions from America’s power sector

An energy storage analogy

Explaining the importance of energy storage for renewable energy’s expansion.

AI gets in on battery R&D

How Chemix is using AI to make better batteries

The public sector gets punitive (& other climate tech news)

Increasingly, state and federal government are pushing climate, energy, and climate tech legislation in the U.S.