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Outside the Huddle #136

1) Premium Hikes in 2023 Insurers on the ACA Marketplace are prepping to increase premiums on average 10% next year….

Heat Waves

Western Europe experienced an unprecedented heat wave. Fires ensued, high ozone levels exacerbated respiratory illnesses and airport runways melted. Is this a one-off…

Amazon to Acquire One Medical for $3.8 Billion

Amazon will acquire hybrid primary care company One Medical for $3.9B. This is one of Amazon’s largest acquisitions to date, furthering their…

H1 Digital Health Funding Breakdown

Rock Health’s H1 digital health report showed a continued slowdown in funding this year compared to an explosive funding year…

Big Insurers Invest in Affordable Housing

UnitedHealth Group (UHG) will invest $25M into retail, housing and social services to promote healthier communities in New England. The…

Outside the Huddle #135

The Outside the Huddle section of the Healthcare Huddle newsletter contains quick-hit summaries of need-to-know news in the healthcare industry….

Colorado Approved to Launch Public Option

Colorado is one of three states approved to implement its public option program after receiving approval from the Department of Health and…

California to Produce its Own Insulin

California Governor Gavin Newsom announced his state would manufacture its own insulin to make the medication more affordable for Californians with insulin-dependent…

Different Care, Same City

Same, Same But Different Same age. Same sex. Same illness. Different treatment. This is unwarranted clinical variation; it is care…

Healthcare Q2 ’22 Recap

BUSINESS The Netflix of Antibiotics The UK plans to use a subscription-based model for Pfizer and Shionogi to increase the supply of…