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Outside the Huddle 8/28/22

1) Can You Hear Me Now? The FDA will now allow patients to purchase hearing aids over the counter, improving…

The Medicare Advantage Empire

More than 28 million Americans enrolled in a Medicare Advantage (MA) plan in 2022, representing 48% of all Medicare beneficiaries….

FDA to Approve Omicron Booster

The FDA is expected to approve Pfizer and Moderna’s updated Covid-19 booster vaccine this week, which covers the dominant BA.5…

How to Make Outpatient Scheduling More Efficient

An appointment with my dermatologist—that’s who I’m waiting for. I called my dermatologist’s office to make an appointment for a…

How Much do Cancellations and No-shows Cost Your Practice?

Click the button below to access my model that estimates how much your practice is losing annually through inefficient scheduling….

Counting Sheep: Who’s Helping Us Optimize our Sleep?

We spend one-third of our life sleeping. Yet, seldom do we treat our sleep with the respect it deserves. Even…

Graying America and the Geriatrician Shortage

As my anatomy professor used to say, aging is inevitable and beautiful. But, to ensure we age beautifully, we need…

Outside the Huddle #137

1) Was the Amyloid Hypothesis Wrong? You’ve probably heard of Biogen’s unsuccessful Alzheimer’s drug, Aduhelm. Well, it turns out some…

How the Inflation Reduction Act Will Lower Out-of-Pocket Drug Spending

Democratic leaders agreed on a $433 billion spending package to combat climate change and lower healthcare costs. While the legislation…

Health Care in College Sucks

New digital health startup Caraway raised $10.5 million to revamp health care on college campuses for the Gen Z women+ population. This…