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Fintech Today- 05/09/2022

EEP DIVE Over the past few years, the fight over granting tech startups access to the Federal Reserve banking system…

What’s Up With Early Stage Investing, From Angellist

THIS WEEK IN NEWS What’s Up With Early Stage Investing, From Angellist Last week I came across a great report…

With Consumer Fintech Tanking, What Happens To Enterprise?

Last Friday, I wrote about public market fintech companies getting hammered by Wall Street. But the dip was largely warranted—companies…

Wall Street Hates Fintech Again & Loves Crypto, Elon Is Based AF

Life comes at ya fast.  Last weekend was great—the folks at 137 Ventures had a great event Saturday night in…

More Fintech M&A Doesn’t Mean Bigger Exits

Something I’ve noticed over the last few months — an uptick in fintech acquisitions. I mentioned it in my newsletter…

Russia-Ukraine’s Effect on Crypto and Fintech M&A Heats Up

Hello everyone—welcome back to our weekly FTT newsletter. We’re gonna be switching things up a lot here—first up, more tunes! …

Is the Stripe For Crypto Just Stripe? Maybe…But Probably Not 

Stripe dropped a doozy announcement recently: a brand new suite of products dedicated to crypto.  Product-wise, it’s an elegant refactoring of a…

Introducing FTT 2.0

Heyyyyy everyone what’s good.  Yes, yes, I know, long time no chat. I’ve been busy catching up on non-professional stuff…