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FTT Q&A with Monet CEO Andres Londoño

Hey everyone! Ulises here; I’m an analyst for Vol. 1 Ventures, where I’ve been working on analyzing the Latin America tech…

Bessemer’s Steel DAO For Scouts

FSOC urges Congress to speed up crypto rules The Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC) issued a report on Monday in…

Activant Capital’s Andrew Steele On Investing In Sardine’s $50m Series B

Activant is thrilled to announce our investment in Sardine’s $51.5M Series B fundraise alongside a16z, XYZ, Nyca, Sound Ventures, Google…

What’s Gonna Happen With BNPL?

My wife Stevie and I moved to a new house this week, and after Costco and Best Buy, we hit…

Robinhood’s New Web3 Wallet—FTX Wins Voyager’s Assets

Robinhood’s new Web3 Wallet This week Robinhood announced that the Beta version of their Web3 Wallet is now live. It…

FTT Expert Q&A With Rippling’s Rishab Hegde

1. You’ve been at Rippling for a few years now, and we’ve chatted a bunch on fintech in the past….

How To Pick The Right Operator-Investors

Over the last few years, operators have become increasingly active in the venture investing space; whether it;s investing through fund-backed…

Colorado Now Takes Crypto Tax Payments—The SEC’s Take on Ethereum

The SEC’s take on Ethereum The SEC filed a civil lawsuit against crypto influencer Ian Balina, for failing to register…