We've just started up a new subreddit for service businesses—r/workweekinc. We hope you'll come by and post your stories, questions, or anything else you might have on your mind when it comes to building, running, and growing a service business of your own.

We want to see a community where service business owners can come together to share their experiences, as well as things they've learned on the job. There's so much good ol' fashioned know-how out there, we think it's a shame it's not easily available for everyone to learn from. If you've been working in a trade or building your own business for years, stop by and post any tips or tricks you've learned that you think will help others. If you're just getting started, come ask any questions you might have!

At WorkWeek, we've learned a thing or two about business over the years, so there's a good chance we can help answer whatever you're curious about where day-to-day business operations are concerned—things like handling invoicing, scheduling, getting paid, keeping customers happy, and so on. For those questions that are important to the particular kind of work you do, there's bound to be someone out there who has experienced what you're going through and has the answers that can help you—be it lawn care folks, cleaners, handymen, and tons of other service business professionals who can give you insight into the trade.

We also write a new article evey week about all the things it takes to run a service business—whether it's finding new work, advertising your business, or just about anything else that makes a business work. We're here to help anyone learn to build a business, and we're going to share those in the subreddit as we post them. So stop by r/workweekinc and learn, teach, let some steam off, and get in touch with other folks who have a passion for making a living by doing something and doing it well.