For the last decade or so, the internet has really catered to businesses that sell things. Be it Shopify, Etsy, Big Cartel, or even eBay, there's no shortage of tools and platforms that help turn someone's wish to run a business selling products into a pretty easy-to-accomplish reality. We are big fans of a couple of these platforms, because they really focus on a very specific kind of user, and everything they do is focused on helping them do their thing. And they're good at it.

What's been missing is an easy-to-use platform that focuses on businesses that do things, making it just as easy to build, run, and grow a service business as it is doing the same for a product business.

The handful of products that do exist right now suffer from a number of notable flaws. Many of them appear to be focused on medium-sized service businesses and larger--the kind that have many employees, really complex needs, and already went through the hassle of figuring out how to start and grow to that stage. Other products are geared far more heavily toward power users--people who are already comfortable relying on software to run an existing business, or the kinds of businesses who have dedicated employees handling day-to-day management tasks.

Nobody's made a point of taking care of micro and newly started small businesses. And these are often the people out there who need the most help.

These are the folks who either try to do everything in their head, manually on paper, or suffer from app fatigue. Their schedules are a weird mix of relying on memory and day planners—so they try to find a calendar app to help. They struggle with getting work and figuring out how to manage job load so they aren't always suffering from being overbooked or starving for work—so they try to find yet another app to help there. They maybe think about providing estimates and invoices—and if when they're tired of hunting for a clipboard in the work truck to write one up, they're off to find an app for that. If someone suggests they should cultivate customer relationships to secure more work, they're back to googling for a tool that will help them figure out how to do it. When they realize having a Facebook page isn't the same thing as a website, they're off registering a domain and figuring out how to make a website.

In short, there's a lot of businesses out there who only learn valuable lessons by making costly mistakes, or are pulled a dozen different directions using a different app or service to manage different parts of their business—and none of these apps can even talk to each other.

Our mission is to serve these people and, with the support of a platform built around purpose-built, all-in-one, easy-to-use tools, and value-added support services, help anyone learn how to successfully start, run, and grow a healthy business.

We think day-to-day management of small service businesses shouldn't take more than 30 minutes at the end of the day. And we're set on making that happen.

We've already built the product over the last couple months. We're launching the first version in a few days. We already have some early users ready to jump on board. If you're someone who has been struggling to banish headaches in your service business, or are thinking of taking the plunge into starting your own service business, we think you should check us out.