The idea of of magnetic business cards might sound cheesy to most. And most of the time they are. Usually, it's because they have a bad design, or the production of the card itself is low-quality. What's sad is that the idea can be great in certain cases. Most business cards are thrown away. That's why coming up with a unique card that people will remember and want to hang on to is so important, but difficult to pull off.

Magnetic business cards are dual-purpose cards—advertising with a practical tool attached (the magnet). A customer may just slap it on the fridge and forget about it, but it will be there every day. Or perhaps another local business, like a cafe or eatery, might use it to hold a notice up for their customers. It might be a while before someone needs your services, but when they do, your card will be right there. That's a difficult thing to make happen when you have traditional business cards—nobody remembers ever having it, and if they do, they don't remember where they put it.

One of our early users told us a great story about his magnetic cards. He said he got a call for work about 6 months after leaving his card with a previous customer. The customer didn't need his services, but a friend did, and the customer remembered he was holding a picture on the fridge with the user's magnetic business card. The former customer shared the number of his friend, and a new customer was born.

Before we heard the use case, we'd pretty much written off magnetic business cards as being really cheesy and amateur. Now, however, we can't help but think they might be more effective than traditional cards—especially when it comes to being remembered later.

The more visible your business is, the greater your chances of people knowing you're there when they need you.

Even if magnetic cards aren't quite for you, the core point is. Visibility matters. Anything that helps people remember and find you when they need your services is going to help as you run and grow your business.