When we launched WorkWeek's updated Business section a few months ago, we got some great feedback from our small business users. They loved how easy and accessible it was to see just how their business is doing—to get a quick look at job, invoice, and income numbers—and where their customers are coming from. We're always pushing to find better ways to demystify the nuts and bolts of business and make it simple for small business owners to take control of their businesses. There are a lot of different software tools out there for small businesses, but they often get complicated and difficult to use when it comes to being able to know what's going on with your business overall in just a few seconds. We pride ourselves on spending serious time finding simple ways to keep improving WorkWeek, and make life easier on business owners like you.

We recently wrote a post called Setting Goals For Your Small Business, and it inspired us to work on a simple feature to support using goals to push your business (and yourself) forward. Today, we're launching a new feature that allows you to track progress towards a monthly invoicing goal!

It's a simple feature, but we think it's really powerful for small business. You'll find it at the top of the Business section. It's super simple to use—you just enter a goal amount in dollars, click Set my goal, and you're done.

Set A Monthly Invoicing Goal

As you invoice throughout the month, you'll see the progress bar fill up toward hitting your goal. If you find yourself hitting your goal early in the month, it might be time to raise your goal and see if you can raise your monthly numbers.

Track Progress Towards Your Monthly Goal

We're always working hard to figure out simple ways to make business easy. We don't think you should need a spreadsheet and a whole weekend to figure out how your business is doing, and our simple goal-setting is there to help you. We'll continue to work toward our own goals of making it easy for you to build, run, and grow your business.

We hope you like the new goals feature. If you have any feedback or suggestions for new features, let us know at team@workweek.com.