Invoicing is one of our core features. From online payments to automatic invoice reminders, we've tried to make it as effortless and pain-free as possible for service businesses to get paid. Today, we're excited to announce that we've expanded invoices to include recurring invoices, which we think will save time and make invoicing even easier.

What exactly are recurring invoices? They're simply invoices that automatically get created on the same day each week, month, or year until they're stopped. They're a perfect fit for jobs you regularly do for the same customer, like a weekly cleaning, bi-weekly lawn mowing, or monthly maintenance. They remove the hassle of having to manually create the same invoice for the same job each time it comes around.

Creating a recurring invoice is similar to a regular invoice, however there are a few additional options to choose from when making a new one:

WorkWeek recurring invoice creation options

  1. Frequency: This is how often you want the invoice to occur. The time period you pick will depended on the frequency of the job you're doing. It can be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or yearly.
  2. Start date: This is the date the first invoice should be created. Say you have a job that happens every week and the next time you're scheduled to do it is on Thursday, June 24th, when you select June 24th, a new invoice would be created each week starting from then.
  3. Delivery option: This is where you pick what happens when a new invoice is created. You can choose to have it automatically emailed to a customer each time, or you can save them as a draft to allow for changes, manually emailing, or printing out for your customer.

After you've chosen your recurring invoice schedule and delivery options, the rest of the process is the same as creating a regular invoice. Recurring invoices include all of the same features as standard invoices, so they can be paid online as well.

WorkWeek Recurring Invoice

We're always looking for new ways we can improve WorkWeek to help you spend less time on the boring parts of business and more time doing what you love, and we think recurring invoices will make running your business even easier.