Many small businesses ignore asking for customer feedback about jobs they've completed. For most service businesses, it just isn't something that ever crosses the owner's mind. For others, especially those who are covered up with work during the busy seasons, it often feels like there's no time to reach out to customers and ask them how they like the work. Some small business owners simply don't see a reason to ask a customer if they're happy with the work or what they think of the job.

Customer feedback is critical to any business, but it's especially important to small service businesses. Knowing what your customers think of your work isn't something you should ignore.

When you start a service business, you are in the business of selling yourself. You are the product, and then the only way to make the product better is to know what people think of your work—good or bad. As a business owner, you may think you know yourself and your service, but you're biased. The perspective that matters most is the one your customers have. Their paying you to perform a service, and their happiness will have an impact on online reviews of your business, social media posts about your work, and the chance they'll happily recommend you to others via word-of-mouth referrals.

Get feedback often

Asking for feedback is so important, we really can't stress it enough. If you've let a customer down, or messed up on the job, it's a second chance to right that wrong. Customers appreciate it when you reach out and ask if they're satisfied with your work, or if there's anything you can improve to gain their total satisfaction. Your business can turn an unhappy customer into a much happier customer by just asking, "What can we do to fix this?" when they complain.

Automated Feedback

Our goal here at WorkWeek is to make small service businesses easy to build, run, and grow. A lot of software companies add features that often end up making the software hard to use and difficult to understand. This is a particular problem with business software, where complex features typically translate into confusion and wasted time for the business owners who depend on it. At WorkWeek, we're constantly asking ourselves, "Will this feature actually help a small business, and is it as easy-to-use as we can possibly make it?" If we can't say yes, we go back to the drawing board and rethink what we're trying to do. We stay away from things that get in your way or create extra work for you. And we're always looking for ways to make as many parts of building, running, and growing your service business as close to zero-effort as possible.

We think Automated Feedback is the perfect addition to help businesses reach their customers and receive feedback, without having to think about it at all.

How it works

The customer feedback feature is really simple:

When you mark a job as completed, we'll send an email to your customer on your behalf one week later and ask if they were happy with the job.

If your customers are happy, we'll ask them to provide feedback that might be used for a future testimonial on your website, Facebook page, or just to send your way so you know they're truly satisfied. If customers are not happy, we'll ask them what went wrong, and what you can do to fix it or avoid it in the future.

Customer Feedback Walkthrough Animation

When you receive feedback, you'll get an email from WorkWeek inviting you to view the feedback, as well as a link that helps you directly respond to the customer if you choose.

It's as simple as that. Zero-effort automated customer feedback.

What's next?

We like the simplicity of the feedback feature now, but we can see a lot of value in asking more questions. For example, asking about the quality of the work, the price, or the scheduling are all great ways to help you identify where your business excels and where it may need improvement.

We'll be adding easy ways to get more out of your Automated Feedback responses in the future—like displaying them on your zero-effort WorkWeek website, sharing to your social media pages, and asking your customers to review your business on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and more.

We hope everyone loves the new feature as much as we loved building it!