We've been working on an updated business section for a few weeks now. We released it for a few of our test customers. The response has been great, so today we're making it public so everyone can use it.

So what's new? Well, we decided to split the Business section into two main views: At a glance and In detail. One is intended to be a quick glance of where you're at right now, the other is meant for looking at specific time periods in detail, and exporting report data.

At a glance

The first view you'll see when you visit the Business section is the "At a glance" view. It'll show you the high-level overview of where your business stands right now.

Your business numbers, at a glance

You'll see big numbers and counts for:

  • Open jobs
  • Total jobs
  • Total Customers
  • Pending estimate totals
  • Invoices due in next 7 days
  • Unpaid invoices total
  • Past due invoices total

You'll also see how many days are left in the month and the quarter, and alongside those, you'll also see invoice charts showing how your invoice totals have been throughout the month and quarter.

Your business charts, at a glance

Finally, at the end of the glance view, you'll see all your customer satisfaction information from the automatic feedback request feature that we recently added.

Your business feedback, at a glance

In detail

When you're looking to get additional details and have a more customized period to view and report on, the "In detail" view is where you'll find it. You can easily get to it by clicking the "or see it in detail" link underneath the "Your business, at a glance" title.

By default, you'll be viewing the current month in detail, but you can easily use a quick link to select this month, quarter, year, or last month, quarter, and year. You can also select your own date range to view the numbers that you need.

Your business numbers, in detail

When you're viewing your business in detail you'll get big numbers and counts for:

  • Completed jobs
  • New customers
  • Appointments
  • Estimates total
  • Invoices total

You'll also see charts for invoice totals, like on the glance view. The detail view also has an additional chart showing you revenue grouped by customer source. It's a great way to quickly and easily see which marketing and advertising channels are producing the best customers and jobs.

Your business charts, in detail

Finally, the detail view allows you to download your invoices as a CSV file for sending to your accountant, CPA, or importing into your own spreadsheet program for additional reporting.

What's next?

The new changes to our business section are just laying the foundation for what we want to do with it next. We're working on a travel log for automatically tracking your miles and stops, so mileage will likely end up in the detail view.

We're also working on a simple goal tracking feature that we're hoping to release soon. It'll find a home in the "At a glance" view — we're really excited about it.

We're always looking for ways to demystify the business aspects of running a small business. If you've got any thoughts or features that you'd like to see in the business section, be sure to let us know by emailing team@workweek.com.