One of the exciting things about starting a service-based business is that practically anyone can do it. You don't need a business degree or classes, just an idea for a business and the dedication to making it happen. There are some business ideas and terms that almost all business owners, big or small, would benefit from knowing, so we wanted to create a resource to educate and help give small business owners a leg up in the world of business.

In our previous post, 6 Business Terms Your Small Service Business Should Know, we mentioned we were working on a small business glossary, and today we're happy to announce that we've released it. We've focused on adding the most important terms that a small business owner should know, with plenty of examples and clear, down-to-earth language. Each term is also grouped together with related terms in several different categories, which lets you quickly find new terms and phrases related to accounting, finances, and more.

Glossary Term

We plan to continually update the glossary with new terms and phrases as time goes on. We always love to hear from other small business owners, so if there are any business terms that you've heard and don't fully understand, send us an email at and we'll add it to our glossary and do our best to explain it.