Every service business owner that's been doing it long enough can probably point to a job they'd consider their favorite. There are tons of reasons why it might be an ideal job; maybe it was a great customer, or you just enjoyed the work or service you were performing. It could be that it was unique and not the typical work you do, so it was exciting, new, and challenging. It could also be that it just paid really damn well and your profit margins were great. Any way you cut it, those kind of jobs are what drive and motivate most business owners.

As a small exercise for your business, take some time to think back, and try to remember all the jobs you've done. If any stand out to you as being great, think about what made them great. If you've got a few favorites, do they all stand out for the same reasons?

You're probably wondering why it matters. Well, one of the best things you can do as a small business owner is to step back and figure out how you personally feel about the work you do. A lot of the time it probably feels like you've got the weigth of the world on your shoulders, and you spend so much of your time focused on running the business, so it's incredibly important that you're finding fulfilling work.

If you've got jobs that stand out, why not try to make them all stand out? If it's the type of work you're doing, the money, the customers, or any other reason, it's worth trying to recreate that enjoyment you had with the business that you started. One of the goals of running your own business is doing exactly what you want to do, so try your best to do just that!

Countless lawn care professionals have moved into landscape design because it was challenging, paid well, and was more rewarding. A residential cleaner might have a knack for organization, and they could use the experience they get from cleaning to move on to being a professional organizer. On the flip side, many businesses never figure out how to do what they love, or they don't charge what they're worth which can make anyone hate what they're doing. Worse yet, they lose sight of what it was that drew them into their profession to begin with, and they end up doing work they really have no interest in. It's essential to not be afraid to let your business evolve and for you to find new ways to do exactly what it is you want to do. The key to running a successful business is finding work that truly makes you happy. And don't let what you charge for those big jobs fill you with doubt or guilt. It's may not always true, but they can be some of your best jobs, and even if you're doing something you love, your time and expertise are absolutely worth money. The same goes for the smaller jobs. If there's a certain type of service or job you're excited to do, find a way to fit it into your schedule if it makes sense financially or if you have the time.

When you're running a small business, you owe it to yourself to try to find a way to enjoy the work you do. It's hard enough doing the work and running the business; it gets a lot easier when you look forward to the job. If you can figure out what makes the work enjoyable, you'll be onto something that will set your business up to last for a long, long, time.

If you have that one big job that stands out above everything else, we'd love to hear about it! As always, you can send us an email to team@workweek.com with your big jobs or any other thoughts you have on running a service business.