A couple weeks ago, we launched Automated Feedback for your business. So far, the response has been great. Our users are hearing more from their customers about the work they're doing, and it's helping them improve customer relationships, as well as motivating them to do better work. We wanted to make it even more valuable to the folks using WorkWeek to build, run, and grow their businesses.

Today we're adding a customer satisfaction section to your business page. It'll tell you how many jobs you've received feedback on, and you can easily view all of your feedback. You'll also see your overall customer satisfaction rating. As you collect more feedback, we'll show you how your most recent feedback looks so you can spot problems before they get too far along.

Customer satisfaction

You'll also now be able to see feedback you've received on a given job when viewing that job's detail page.

Customer feedback

This is a small feature, but we think it's a big win. It brings more valuable insight to the business page, and makes it easy to understand and act on that insight. We hope you like it!