For a while now, WorkWeek has had the ability to automatically ask customers for feedback once a job has been marked as completed. This feedback lets you find out how your customers feel about the work you do, which can do a lot to help you improve your business. It's been a great feature that our customers have loved, but we wanted to do something more. Today we took a big step that makes automatic feedback requests even more valuable – now you can choose ask customers to review your business on Google.

Here's how it works

When you enable Google review requests, your customers will still get the same feedback request that we've been sending. The only difference will be that if they're happy with the job, we'll ask them to leave a Google review and we'll link them directly to the review page so they can easily do it.

Google business review request

Setting up automatic Google review requests is super simple: after you've logged into your WorkWeek account go to the account management page and select "Configure automatic feedback." Once there, choose to send Google reviews and then search for your business in the Google business directory search box. When you've found your business, just hit the "Save changes" button and you're done.

Google reviews are a great way to build up the reputation of your business and attract more customers and help rank better in search results. If you're not already on Google's business directory, you should take the time to add your business – it's a great way to get found by new customers online. We've written a post that walks you through listing your business on Google if you need help getting started.

We hope you like it

We've been working hard to make WorkWeek the best tool to help you run and manage your service business, and we think our automated feedback is a big part of that. We're just getting started with automated feedback – we even have a few other additions that should be ready in the next few months. If you have feedback or any ideas that you think would make it easier to build, run, or grow your service business, just let us know at