We launched the first version of WorkWeek in late 2016. Our goals then were the same as they are now – to help small service businesses build, run, and grow their business.

Earlier this year, we launched our iOS app, and we've learned a lot from our mobile users. Since then, we've been working to take what we've learned and make it available on our web platform. What does that mean? Good question, it means if you're using a desktop, laptop, or android phone, you'll get all of the updates and features that we released with our iPhone app.

In short, we've redesigned WorkWeek, added a bunch of features, and fixed some pesky little bugs (our pest control users aren't the only ones squashing bugs). Here are a handful of the more significant changes, but there are tons of little things we hope you'll notice as you use WorkWeek to run your business.

  • A fresh and clean desktop and mobile design
  • You can now track your business and job expenses, including receipt images
  • We added chemical tracking for all you pest controllers, or anyone required to track chemical applications on their jobs
  • Jobs can now have a separate billing address
  • You can now add a business name to a customer
  • We simplified the business section to make it easier to see how your business is doing
  • Feedback thank-you messages can now be customized. It's a great place to link your Google Business page or Facebook page
  • It's now easier to add a job to an existing customer (even when you don't remember that you've worked for the customer before)

We've been working really hard to make WorkWeek the best software out there for running your small service business, and we think this release is a big step forward. In the next few weeks, we'll be sharing more in-depth looks at things like expense and chemical tracking, but until then, we hope you enjoy the all-new WorkWeek!