A few months ago we launched automated customer feedback. This is included free with every WorkWeek plan, no hidden fees or extra charges. It's a great way engage with your customers about the work you've done, ask for online reviews, and keep your work standards up and your ego in check.

Today we've brought those reviews and testimonials to your included WorkWeek business website. How's it work? It's pretty simple:

  1. A few days after a job is complete, we'll automatically email your customer on your behalf and ask them if they're happy with the work. If they are, we'll ask them for a testimonial.
  2. Once the customer leaves their feedback, you'll get an email with a link to the customer's feedback.
  3. If it's positive feedback, you can choose to publish it on your website with a single click.
  4. If you've got a high customer success rating, you'll get a WorkWeek customer satisfaction badge (sorta like a gold star) on your website as well!

Publish Customer Feedback To Website

Testimonials are essential for a service business website. If you think about what it means to run a service business, YOU are your product. And a customer testimonial helps sell YOU in a way that you can't do. Our WorkWeek satisfaction rating also lets customers know that you're not faking those testimonials, you've come by them honestly.

Workweek Customer Feedback And Satisfaction Rating

Adding testimonials is something we've wanted to do for our business websites for a while, but we wanted to do it right, and in a way that it added good value, but was easy to use. We think that with this update we've landed on something we're proud of and that is going to help you land more work.