Professional cleaners are able to take on any task and make our homes or workplaces look exceptional. If you have friends or family who are cleaners, they're sure to be more than happy to receive any one of these gifts this holiday season.

Extra-large magic cleaning eraser sponge

Magic clean sponge

Most cleaners love these and never have enough. These are extra large and come in a pack of 20. They're reusable, long-lasting sponges, and they're sure to take care of any mess. Just add a little bit of water and they can cut through grease, soap scum, or any other stain. Perfect for any surface or purpose—bathrooms, kitchens, walls, floors, anything that needs to be cleaned. Get it here.

Black & Decker cordless vacuum

Black & Decker cordless vacuum

This powerful and portable vacuum made by Black and Decker is perfectly suited to clean up any mess, and it's one of The Wirecutter's top cleaning picks. Get to the dirt no matter where it's hiding thanks to the 4-foot-long hose and lack of any cords. The three-stage filtration system helps keep dust and dirt from escaping, and it's easy to remove and clean when necessary. Get it here.

Playtex Living latex gloves

Playtex cleaning gloves

These reusable gloves offer superior protection and comfort while being extremely durable. They're made with antimicrobial materials to help prevent the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew which can cause unpleasant odors. Get it here.

Windex glass cleaning tool

Windex cleaning tool

Windows are a pain for many cleaners. This Windex glass cleaning tool has great reviews, can reach any window, and gives a streak-free clean every time. Put away your ladder, because with an 11-foot reach, you can easily get to just about any window. It cleans quickly, with no drying required, and prevents any sort of streaks or spotting. Get it here.

Microfiber cleaning cloths

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Businesses buy in bulk, and most cleaners go through cleaning cloths in bulk. These non-abrasive cloths are perfect for cleaning any surface you want to make sure doesn't get scratched. They can hold 8 times their weight in liquid, and dry exceptionally fast. They're machine washable and completely reusable. Get it here.

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