Handymen have to be ready for anything on the job. Whether they're just starting out or are already established, these 5 gifts should prove useful for just about any situation—and make a great present this holiday season for a spouse, friend, or even yourself.

Stiletto titanium framing hammer

Stiletto Hammer

A good hammer is something every handyman needs, and this Stiletto titanium hammer will last a lifetime. The magnetic nail start feature on the nose makes it incredibly easy to drive in nails, and it's lightweight while having tremendous driving force to get through any piece of wood. Get it here.

Little Giant Alta ladder

Lg Ladder

Little Giant makes great ladders, and this one is no exception. This 22-foot aluminum ladder is both safe and versatile, with 33 different configurations possible. Use it as an a-frame while working indoors and then easily convert it to an extension ladder to reach rooftops or tree limbs. Get it here.

Milwaukee 12 compartment organizer

Milwaukee Organizer

Organization is an important part of running a business, and this sturdy organizer can help you keep track of all the little things you need to finish a job. With 12 compartments to hold screws, nails, wire nuts, and any thing else that's easily lost, this organizer will help keep any handyman organized. Get it here.

"Yes I can fix that" handyman shirt

Yes I Can Fix That Shirt

Most handyman calls start with "Can you fix ...". This shirt says it all—of course they can fix it. This shirt looks great, comes in a few colors, and answers the question with confidence. This is the perfect gift for the handyman (or woman) in your life. Get it here.

Milwaukee reciprocating saw

Milwaukee Sawzall

Sometimes you need to be ready to cut anything—metal, wood, or plastic—and this Milwaukee reciprocating saw can cut through it all with no problem. The Milwaukee sawzall started it all. It was the first, and it's still the favorite of many handymen. You can also save a bit of money by going corded rather than battery-powered for power tools you might use less often. Get it here.

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