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An all new WorkWeek

Today we're releasing an all new version of WorkWeek. It's cleaner, faster, easier to use, and packed with some great new features. We hope you like it, and we've got even bigger plans for the rest of the year!

Posted in Product Aug 17, 2019

Automatically send Google Review Links after completing a Job

With WorkWeek you can now automatically send a Google business review link to customers after you finish a job.

Posted in Product Mar 26, 2019

WorkWeek now has QuickBooks Integration

With WorkWeek's new QuickBooks integration, it's easy to keep your customers, invoices, and payments synced and up-to-date between both apps.

Posted in Product Feb 13, 2019

An Interview with Bobby from TRT Pressure Washing & Window Cleaning

Bobby from TRT Pressure Washing & Window Cleaning tells us his story of losing his job, starting up a business, and expanding that business. He offers some great advice for folks starting their own service business.

Posted in State of Work Nov 06, 2018

Send Invoices and Estimates to Multiple People with WorkWeek

Some jobs may require you to send an invoice or estimate to multiple people. It's now easier than ever to do that with WorkWeek. Add as many email addresses as you need to an invoice or estimate, and send them all with one click.

Posted in Product Oct 24, 2018

WorkWeek has a subreddit!

We have our own subreddit now! Calling all service business folks—those who have been around for a while, those who are in the beginning stages, and those who are just thinking of being a service business entrepreneur.

Posted in Product Aug 27, 2018

An Interview with Derek from Roman Paint Pros

Derek, who runs Roman Paint Pros, was kind enough to talk with us about the details of running a service business. We discuss why he decided to restart the family painting business, online marketing, and more.

Posted in State of Work Aug 20, 2018

How to Stay Cool When Working Outside in the Heat

Don't let the long summer days beat you down. If you're working outside almost everyday, we have a few tips and trick to improve the quality of your life as well as keep you and your employees safe.

Posted in The Hustle Aug 13, 2018

Is It Worth It to Purchase Leads From Lead Generation Companies?

Finding new work can be a struggle for businesses of all sizes. Purchasing leads is an alternative to more traditional types of marketing. We go over how it works and if it's worth the time and money for your service business.

Posted in The Hustle Aug 09, 2018

Finding your Best Jobs and Growing your Service Business

Have you ever thought about what your 'best jobs' are? Take a minute, reflect, and make your life a whole lot better by finding what it is about running and working a service business that truly makes you happy.

Posted in The Hustle Jul 30, 2018

Running a Service Business with Matt from Hawkins Wildlife Control

We asked Matt, the owner of Hawkins Wildlife Control, several questions about running his business. From getting a business started, to hiring employees and advice for anyone looking to get into wildlife control.

Posted in State of Work Jul 25, 2018

A Simple Profit Margin Calculator for iPhones

Every service business, big or small, should think about and consider their profit margins. We've created a new profit margin calculator for iPhones to make calculating them simple, whether your on the job or at home after work.

Posted in Product Jul 24, 2018

Learn More About the Business World with Our Business Glossary

Brush up on your business speak with our new small business glossary. A-Z, we try to help you navigate and better understand the world of business.

Posted in Product Jul 20, 2018

Building Your Service Professional Network

Are you connected and in-touch with other service businesses? If not, you're probably missing out on new work as well as someone to talk to about running a small business. We take a look at why you should reach out to other, different service business.

Posted in The Hustle, Business Jul 16, 2018

Pickup the Phone and Show up for the Job

It's often easy to overlook in the chaos of running a service business, but simply picking up your phone and talking with new or previous customers can have a lasting impact on the growth of your business.

Posted in The Hustle Jul 09, 2018