29 October 2023 |

Swipe These

By Ari Murray

I’m going to give out just a few tips but with quite a lot of industry-specific examples. May it serve you! XOXO


Your instagram bio and highlights are more important than you think. For organic, obviously. But, when you’re running ads on IG – your audience clicks the handle the ad is served from ALL.THE.TIME. What copy is there to greet them? 


⛵️: Fashion brand example –

“Non-seasonal Knitwear made in California.”

🫐: Beauty brand example – 

“Makeup For Skincare Freaks.”

🍭: CPG brand example –

“🍭 Kick Sugar, Keep Candy!”

🐎: Alcohol brand example –

“Crafting Damn Fancy Gin Since 1830”

🥑: Supplement brand example –

“Safe for the body. Safe for the home. Safe for you.⁣”

🇦🇺: Shoe brand example –

“🇦🇺 A Tasmanian family company that’s now a global brand. Since 1870.”

🤗: B2B brand example –

Too many brands suck at social. Yours doesn’t have to.”

👑: Home brand example –

“Formerly Royal Wax Manufacture

Made in France since 1643″

💍: Device brand example – 

Health is a beautiful thing.

Founded in Finland.


You’re only as good as your favorite FREE Google Chrome Extensions. 

Here are mine: 

🏎: BuiltWith to stalk tech stacks 

🚕: Fontanello to stalk fonts 

🏁: Eye Dropper to stalk HEX codes 

🚡: GoFullPage to screenshot an ENTIRE web page PERFECTLY 


Don’t over-emphasis FREE SHIPPING in your promobar.

That type of detail makes a ton more sense (and have a proven, bigger impact) once the visitor is CONVINCED TO BUY (which happens a bit further in the site journey — like on the PDP).

Keep that detail as like the 3rd thing you put in your promobar marquee.

P.S. If your site doesn’t offer free shipping, and the shipping threshold is high, then definitely don’t over-emphasize this. It’s not really very appetizing to land on a site and see FREE SHIPPING OVER $300. 😑


⛵️: Fashion brand example – STAUD

🍭: CPG brand example – Jeni’s Spelendid Ice Creams

🐎: Alcohol brand example –  Ghia

🥑: Supplement brand example: – ARMRA

🇦🇺: Shoe brand example – Christian Louboutin

🤗: B2B brand example – Gong

👑: Homeware brand example –  Gray Malin