12 September 2023 |

Do we hate it here less?

By Hebba Youssef

I freaking hope so!

Since day 1, I Hate it Here’s mission has been to inspire HR leaders to build workplace cultures that employees actually love. 

BTW: It’s also been about celebrating the amazing work HR leaders are doing and creating a safe space to just be yourself.  

This past year I’ve covered so many different topics but I wanted to take a minute and share 5 of my favorite editions! 

I love a good listicle, sue me. 

Without further ado, my top 5 fave sends.  

#5: The HR Advantage 

What this edition covers: HR folks are so freaking powerful and we have one of the most versatile skill sets out there. This edition covered 3 CEOs who started in HR. 

Who knows, that might be you someday!

Why this is in my top 5: It celebrates the power and abilities we have as HR folks. We’re a strategic force to be reckoned with! 

Soundtrack: Trophies, Drake

#4: Why Does Working in HR Feel So Lonely?

What this edition covers: Working in HR is really hard sometimes because it can get really lonely. This newsletter tackled why this job can be lonely and what to do about it! 

Why this is in my top 5: This edition was carathetic! Plus so many people reached out telling me they felt the same way. 

P.S. you’re never alone in Safe Space! Come hang out?

Soundtrack: Lonely, Akon 

#3: Everyone Hates their F**king Jobs, Right?

What this edition covers: How do you know when it’s time to quit? This edition addresses the state of work and 3 signs it may be time to put in that 2-week notice. 

Why this is in my top 5: I got to share a lot of info about my personal values and how they show up at work. 

Soundtrack: All The Small Things, blink-182

#2: Why Are Founders So Hard to Work With?

What this edition covers: The struggle between CPOs <> Founders/Execs and why it can be SO HARD to work with some founders. 

Why this is in my top 5: TBH, It felt like therapy writing this edition. I think we need to talk about why a lot of CPO/HR folks struggle with their founders and what to do about it! 

Soundtrack: I Don’t F**k With You, Big Sean

#1: Performance Reviews Don’t Actually Assess Performance 

What this edition covers: The HR hill I’ll always die on, performance reviews!! They have got to change because in reality they’re wasting a lot of time and energy.

Why this is in my top 5: It’s my HR hill to die on, of course I had to include it! Also, it was trending on Hacker News for a night and that was the highlight of my day. 

Soundtrack: Break My Soul, Beyonce

What’s next: 

Thank you for letting me celebrate with you today!

We’re back to our normal schedule next week. 

I’ll dive back into culture and we’ll end the quarter strong, I promise.