03 September 2023 |

What I read / listen to

By Ari Murray


“Dear Ari, Please share newsletters and podcasts that YOU read and listen to (unrelated to any brand you’re associate with) !”

Dear Live Laugh Learn,

I love this question. I’ll also share the people I follow online (that I don’t know – but that I really respect from afar). 

WHAT’S IN MY INBOX (sharing only newsletters / email lists I’m subscribed to where I don’t know or associate with the writer / brand – per the rules of the question!)

πŸ‘‘: Justin Welsh’s newsletter. To me, there’s not a more clear writer on the internet. Clear = kind. 

🧚: Amber Fillerup Clark‘s 12 things newsletter. She’s the founder of Dae Hair. I read this because she writes it in 1 shot – meaning she doesn’t edit. 1 shot and then scheduled. I do this, too (the 1 shot part). Hence why my newsletter often hinges on unhinged lol (I edit mine right after I write it, but maybe in the future I’ll stop doing that).

Quick aside: The reason I write mine in 1 shot is because I want it to feel like I’m talking. When you’re talking you don’t pause and then come back to the same conversation 4 days later. When you’re talking you also don’t stop talking and then let someone else come in and talk for you (which is why nobody except for me edits my newsletter). This is my long way of telling you I look up to Amber. 

πŸ’‘: Harry Dry’s Marketing Examples Newsletter. Beyond well done. The entire ecosystem he’s built is really, extremely, helpful. I <3 Examples. 

WHAT I LISTEN TO (I don’t know any of the hosts – I promise!)

♣️: ALL-IN Podcast. It teaches me about the world (and about subjects I don’t understand). When Daniel and I moved from LA to Austin, we drove. We listened to ALL-IN the entire way. Got me through lol. 

🎧: Call Her Daddy. Stay with me, lol. Name a podcaster that does a better job with their ad reads. I’ll wait. 

πŸ•―: Modern Wisdom. Such a great interviewer (I die for an accent). Life lessons from people smarter than me. 

WHO I FOLLOW (but don’t know personally)


πŸ—£: Dulma (I love her TikTok – I deleted TikTok so I follow her in Twitter now!)

🏈: Erika Nardini (CEO, Barstool Sports)


🦊: Andrew Foxwell (Paid Social)

πŸ€: Joe Pompliano (Love his threads on sports)

πŸ—½: Marcus Milione (he founded Minted New York and writes about building it)

πŸ₯€: Bryan Porter (Co-Founder of Simple Modern and writes about building it)


🧾: Alex Alleyne (B2B Sales)

πŸ“Œ: Amelia Sordell (behind the scenes of her growing business)

πŸŒƒ: Chris Walker (B2B Marketing)


🍸: Betty Buzz (love how they move online – don’t work with them or know anyone there)

🐎: Siegelman Stable (love how they move online – don’t work with them or know anyone there)

πŸ§‚: Jennifer Fisher (love how the brand moves online – don’t work with them or know anyone there)

🌎: Oetker Collection (love their captions – don’t work with them or know anyone there)

πŸ˜‡: GirlBossTown (I MISS HER TIKTOK – TikTok makes me cry (a story for another day) but I truly think she is a branding genius). Don’t know her (sadly).