30 July 2023 |

The Promobar

By Ari Murray

Let’s say you know you’re supposed to be running 🅰️/🅱️ tests against your website and you’re just, not. Not to worry, allow me to point you in the right direction. Or, let’s say you’re running split tests but you haven’t yet isolated my favorite test. This one is for you, no matter which bucket you’re in. 

The 1st ever split-test we recommend you run on your website is against your promobar. By “we” I mean my Growth Marketing Manager Lenny Huynh, my Director of Design Bailee Cooper, and myself. 🙂 

Seems too easy, doesn’t it? The promobar isn’t sexy, right? WRONG.

If you work it right, the old promobar can immediately show you what to do next. 

Your promobar is among the 1st things any customer reads when they land on your site. Meaning, it couldn’t be more important to monitor the impact that changing your promobar verbiage, ordering, design, and functionality has on performance. Not to mention, where your promobar LINKS OUT TO IS A1 MISSION CRITICAL. 

As you’ll see above (click each of the promobars to judge the experience – they each lead to their respective site), every brand does the promobar a little differently.

And, it’s important to not just pick one style or one way and set it and forget it. 

For a promobar A/B test result, look at ARPV (average revenue per visitor) and CVR (conversion rate) as your highest indicating metrics.

Test different functionalities, too. If you have a promobar that scrolls, turn it static. And vice versa.

If you have a promobar that flashes between 3 different updates, try 1. Why give a 25% OFF SITEWIDE SALE message only 33% of the real estate? Mhhhm. 

Why not try 🅰️/🅱️ testing these 3 flashing promobar messages, like so?

FROM THIS (🅰️): (Flashing messages, each showing for 33% of the time)

Message 1: Free Shipping on All Orders

Message 2: Shop the Drop! 

Message 3: 25% Off Sitewide Sale 

TO THIS (🅱️): Static message, showing for 100% of the time)

Single Message: 25% OFF Sitewide Sale + FREE SHIPPING

My $ and my data is on 🅱️! 

The promobar is not to be forgotten. Test messaging (like above), test color ways (ombre design vs single background color), test pushing 1 hero product with an offer vs. pushing to a collection, test functionality (static vs. marquee, marquee with play button vs marquee with no option to stop scrolling), and test thickness (skinny skinny promobar vs a bit chunkier – which allows for bigger text). 

So many options!!!