11 June 2023 |

La Love Letter 📦

By Ari Murray

A couple of weeks ago, we funnel hacked Doré – a new to me French Pharmacy Skincare brand.

It was a whole long funnel hack (brevity is usually my strong suit but not when it comes to French Skincare – THIS IS A PASSION).

LMK if you missed that edition of Go-to-Millions (just reply back to me) and I’ll send to you! 📧

Why do I bring Doré back up? 🇫🇷 FOR 2 REASONS: 

Reason #1: Doré’s marketing team ships changes quickly and doesn’t hesitate. More beauty brands should follow suit. 

Reason #2: Doré’s physical product packaging and products themselves HAVE BLOWN ME AWAY. We’ll dive deep into this today. 

P.S. I’m just a new fan of the brand. When I find something I love, I can’t help but tell you. 


Doré made a lot of the changes we suggested in the funnel hack. J’aime une marque qui bouge vite. (Thank you, Google Translate). 

Here’s the bio now. 🇫🇷

The above is special because in my job (I’m a VP of Growth at an ecom agency), I write a lot of copy for brands. 

There is SO MUCH COPY THAT WE WRITE THAT BRANDS REQUEST AND THEN NEVER EVER EVER USE. They either over-edit it to shit, or don’t approve it, or like it but don’t action it for months. That’s a bummer. This was a sight for sore eyes. QUICK MOVING!!! 

Reason #2. 🌍 🇫🇷 🧴 📦 📫 🧖‍♀️ 🧼

The most sustainable packaging, that is SO ON BRAND and SO ELEVATED and importantly, executed excellently. And, the PRODUCTS!!!! Mark my words. I don’t see myself using another lip balm or micellar water. Ever. 


The shipper is in the exact Doré HEX #. It’s subtle, but I was out of town when this delivered and so I had ~10 packages waiting for me when I got home (my husband Daniel wasn’t pleased at the quantity lol).

I opened this first. Because I knew EXACTLY WHAT IT WAS. I picked it out of the mountain of packages. IT’S ALL IN THE DETAILS. 

I open it, and voilà! SO F’ING SUSTAINABLE! 

I scan the QR code and land here: 

Doré lets me recycle not just the shipper, but the empties of my products (thanks to Boox). 


La Micellaire is my new personality trait. I used it once and then called both of my sisters and made them promise to buy it. They are sick of my shit, but they agreed. 

Le Baume couldn’t have arrived at a better time. I got a lip flip 💉 on Thursday and was feeling chapped. I slept with this on my lips last night and I’M BACK BABY. It’s better than Rhode. I’m sorry. I said it.