15 March 2023 |

27 websites I love.

By Ari Murray

🌺 🪐 🌺 🪐

1. Pentagram’s About Page sent a chill up my spine. POETIC. 

2. RH’s ITEMS IN THIS ROOM section is not complicated to design or dev. 

3. Via Carota Craft Cocktails = check out the FOOTER!! 

4. Halfdays spoke to me with this section (ON HOMEPAGE). Low-tech, made approachable and FUN.

5. Prada’s current DESKTOP HERO is the split-screen of my DREAMS. 

6. Diet Coke’s COOKIE BANNER. Making the required creative! 

7. DAE HAIR’s color story to match their new PURPLE SHAMPOO! LOVE. 

8. Death Wish Coffee’s REVIEWS page in the footer is so smart to me. Highlight the good stuff (prefer Okendo but letting it slide). 

9. The Row having a page on their site not just for their stores, but STORE ARCHITECTURE reminds me why I love this brand. 

10. Alison Lou’s PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY is north star level.

11. Foundrae’s HOVER STATE. It’s the little things.

12. Stoney Clover Lane’s CUSTOMIZER is my favorite. Except for…

13. Rimowa UNIQUE. Personalization? Customization? UNIQUE. 

14. Faena’s HERO VIDEO. Best hero homepage video, ever? 

15. PANGAIA’s IMPACT REPORT. Still all the info. But, with an eye for formatting.

16. Khaite’s ability to play with copy x HERO asset makes my life. 

17. HIYO’s animation <3 (my old coworker started this brand – go George!!)

18. Propmaster’s USE OF EMOJI’s is everything to me. (Custom props make such a good gift for a bride to be). 

19. Moon Boot’s rainbow HERO BANNER! A delight (and one of the only static homepage hero’s on this list – if no movement give me COLOR). 

20. Glossier’s PDP is forever my #1 favorite. This lil description in carousel does it for me. 

21. Let’s Cuddle’s grid of 4 on PDP DESKTOP shows not tells (just how I prefer it). 

22. Onda’s AGE GATE sets the exact tone. A1.

23. Seed’s INFO PAGE!!! Out of this world. 🪐

24. Gymshark’s PDP variant selector. REAL PEOPLE > 

25. SXSW’s website = elite. (Hell of an app, too). 

26. LAST CRUMB’s countdown timer entry state. Drooling. 

27. Sidecar Doughnuts’ MOBILE HOMEPAGE! CLEAR AS DAY! 

🌺 🪐 🌺 🪐