14 February 2023 |

The Rolex of Cookies

By Daniel Murray

You can put a price on a product, but you can’t put a price on an experience. 

Wait, actually you can. And that price is $150.

What type of experience could you get for $150? A ticket to see your favorite artist (Beyonce) or a camel ride? 

No. How about a box of cookies? 

Prof. Murray what in the h*ll are you saying?! 

Marketing Bestie, these are not your Grandma’s cookies.

Today’s lesson highlights a Cookie brand that will have you licking your fingers until the Last Crumb.

Founded in 2020 by DTC marketing veterans, Derek Jaeger and Alana Arnold, Last Crumb Cookies has quickly cemented themselves as “The Rolex of Cookies.”

They’re the talk of the town. Buzz everywhere. 

And they look DELICIOUS.

Want to try them? 

Cool, you can’t.

No I am not being funny. These cookies are harder to get your hands on than a puppy who has something they know they’re not allowed to have.

I know what you’re thinking. HOW?!

Last Crumb Cookies follows the limited edition “drop” method that your fav luxury brand uses to sell their new $679 shoes.

But don’t get it twisted…

These cookies are HIGH-quality. 

Part of the reason for the $150 price tag for 12 cookies, is their intricate baking process that spans 3 days.

(The least they could do is give us a baker’s dozen)

Every single cookie is hand-made.

The dough? Rolled by hand. The chocolate chips? Cut by hand.

You get the point. Last Crumb Cookies is positioning themselves as THE standard when it comes to high quality cookies.

Your Grandma can make a GREAT cookie, but even she can’t sell one for $12. It takes a BRAND to do that.

Last Crumb Cookies has leaned into “perceived scarcity.” And it’s paying off.

Each week they release a new combo of cookies that sells out within MINUTES.

Customers enter their email and receive a notification for when there is a new cookie drop.

If you miss the notification, kiss your shot at getting cookies goodbye…that is, until next week.

The thrill of buying these luxurious cookies isn’t so much about the taste of the cookie, but about the social status and exclusivity that comes with it.

Instead of paying influencers to post about their product, Last Crumb Cookies leans into the FOMO consumer’s experience when they can’t get their hands on the product.


By destroying perfectly good cookies in ALL of their videos. My pockets hurt watching them.

This creates a positive feedback loop that once consumer’s have their hands on the product, they IMMEDIATELY jump on TikTok to let their followers know they’re boujee like that.

You’d be hard pressed to find someone who bought their cookies and DIDN’T post about it on TikTok.

But are people only posting to flex? Nope.

The unboxing experience is unparalleled.

Coming in an 8lb box (yes, 8lbs), Last Crumb Cookies makes sure you know every aspect of their brand is pure excellence.

The cookies are positioned at a 45 degree angle, adding to the allure of the experience and enticing you to get munching.

And boy have people been MUNCHING.

Last Crumb opened up an exclusive 1,000 person VIP membership at a price of $1,000, the memberships sold out… immediately.

VIPs get unlimited access to their cookies, an heirloom wooden box, and the ever so intoxicating status of being a VIC (very important cookie).

This LA baked based business is showing ALL of us marketers the true power of a brand. 

So I have one question for you, are you hungry now? LOL.