18 January 2023 |

The List

By Ari Murray

[Amazon edition]

Don’t reinvent the wheel (you’re too busy for that). Innovate, instead. The best do this.

Amazon has spent years perfecting their product page (PDP). They have been testing and failing for FOREVER. So, why spend months testing when you can take a proven formula, and put your own branded spin on it?

I AM NOT SAYING COPY. Boring websites are not allowed.

I am saying reverse engineer why Amazon’s PDP works and use the principles for your business.

Today, I want to dive into 8 things you can learn and use today in your business, stolen from our friends over at Amazon.


1️⃣: Optimize for mobile.

The vast majority of customers will checkout from their handy dandy iPhones. Make shopping at your store (from anywhere) feel intuitive, seamless, and simple. The quicker the checkout = the less time for the good angel on our shoulder to convince us out of making the purchase. Hint: an app (à la Tapcart) is incredibly helpful here.

🌷 🌷

2️⃣: Rely on social proof.

People like copying other people. The more reviews (4-5 stars) you can have on your product page, the better. I’m talking thousands. Incentivizing, prioritizing, and highlighting your product reviews is the single best way to convince new customers that YOUR PRODUCT SHOULD BECOME THEIR PRODUCT.

🌷 🌷 🌷

3️⃣: Clear > Clever.

I love to giggle. Who doesn’t? But, you know how some jokes don’t hit – AKA some people will like your jokes, and others won’t get them or won’t like them? Oh, just me? My jokes are that bad? Anywho, when it comes to your product page, now isn’t the time to get fancy. Write at a 5th grade level. Use words that clearly describe what you’re selling. Performance > Brand.

🌷 🌷 🌷🌷

4️⃣: Easy add to cart.

ONE. CLICK. CHECKOUT. BABY. Permalinks and apps are your VERY best friends.

🌷 🌷 🌷🌷 🌷

5️⃣: Reliable shipping.

Yes, the supply chain is unpredictable. My rule of thumb: If the product is in warehouse, RECEIVED IN, and able to be picked and packed = can be sold without warning. If your product is missing any of the pieces above (not in warehouse, has yet to be received, not on the warehouse floor ready to be packed) = don’t you dare sell one more order without updating your PDP with an estimated shipping timeline that is ACCURATE.

🌷 🌷 🌷🌷 🌷 🌷

6️⃣: Using urgency and scarcity

Amazon does such a good job of making you worry they are about to run out. ONLY 5 LEFT – SHOP NOW! This is easy. This is really impactful. This should be a part of the functionality on every PDP you have. It’s amazing how much FOMO can drive action (works. every.time.)

🌷 🌷 🌷🌷 🌷 🌷🌷

7️⃣: Strategic pricing

Strike-throughs. Putting price front and center (not being scared to proudly display how much the item is worth). Writing the offer clearly with the strike through as proof ($10 off, 15% off). Doing the legwork for your customers, so they don’t have to stop and figure out the discount themselves. PRICE SHOULD NEVER FEEL TRICKY – it should be clearly displayed, easy to access, and near or within the buy button. ARE YOU REALLY ABOUT TO MAKE YOUR CUSTOMERS DO MATH??? (No).

🌷 🌷 🌷🌷 🌷 🌷🌷 🌷

8️⃣: Consistency

All Amazon PDPs follow the same format. They are all in the same colorway. They put the same elements in the exact same places (no matter the product, no matter the brand, no matter the year). Don’t neglect performance in the name of brand. EVER.