14 September 2022 |

5 hot takes on content from growth consultant Chantelle Marcelle

By Daniel Murray

Chantelle is AWESOME. I’m stoked for you to meet her.

Her episode of The Marketing Millennials podcast  is our most-downloaded podcast EVER 👀 

Outside of breaking records, she is focused on growth strategy for B2C, B2B and e-comm shops. 

Donned “The Digital Marketing Guy,” (LOL) Chantelle knows exactly what thrives on socials.

(BTW I might start calling myself the breakfast taco guy, LMK what you think)

We talked everything content, branding, and Elon Musk (yes, you read that right).

Marketing bestie, I present to you Chantelle’s hottest takes, in her liiiightly-edited words.

1. Organic content unlocks early-stage growth: 

Growth marketing is my passion, so the question always comes up of: Why am I bringing up content in conversations about strategy? 

I always clap back. You can’t have effective growth without a really strong content strategy (*starts taking notes*). 

I always incorporate organic content on organic channels right from the start, rather than trying to rely on paid channels first. 

In the past, paid channels were quick, easy wins. You just threw money at it and somebody was going to buy. 

Now consumers are smart as hell, so you have to show clients the benefits of a strong, organic strategy

It will grow over time. 

As long as you plant those seeds, they will grow efficiently. Especially if you’re watering them (don’t worry, I watered my tomato plants this morn). 

Then you add paid acquisition plays on top of that. 

Paid ads are the Dwight Schrute to Michael Scott. Important, but not THE CORE of what you’re doing, or in that case, watching. 

2. How to jumpstart founder-led growth: 

People want to buy from people.  

Brands that have created a strong PERSONAL BRAND (LinkedIn gang wya) for their founder have found tons of success.

Think Tesla and Elon.

Elon shaped Tesla around who he is as the founder and has received a BOATLOAD of PR for it.

Founders see others investing in their personal brand and think, that looks really cool. They just don’t know if they could do it or if they have the time to manage it. 

That’s where marketers can build partnerships with founders. 

Being able to adopt someone else’s voice and create content for them is a superpower I tell all marketers to work on.

Hang out with them for a bit, sit down for coffee (Starbs run??). 

When they give presentations, listen back and pull snippets out. 

Have convos with founders, jot down notes in their exact words, and then write content based on that. 

That helps to develop trust that you can speak in a way that sounds authentic to what they would actually say.

3. A journalism background helps marketers: 

Journalism helps build effective, strong writing skills. Which have been so beneficial in whatever area of marketing I focused on. 

Journalism is so helpful for…  

Accuracy, paying attention to the validity of what you’re saying (stop the cap)

Storytelling, telling a really powerful story that starts with the most impactful information (like Elon being the GOAT influencer)

Numbers, knowing how to incorporate statistics into writing (my Diet Coke intake has risen 150% this last week).

A lot of content marketers say, “I’m not good at math, that’s why I’m in content.” But in marketing, we communicate statistics. We report on revenue. 

You have to be good at numbers to be a strong marketer in any area. 

4. Consistency is key in content:

If you’re not consistent, then you’re not having those repeated touchpoints that build a lasting impression in someone’s mind.

When people see you repeating the same messages, they may not remember ONE THING YOU SAID, but they’ll remember CONSISTENCY and REPETITION.

I do worry when I post, am I sounding like a broken record

Has someone already heard this from me and now it’s not going to be fresh?

That’s a huge weight on the shoulders of content creators, thinking that they always have to come up with something that’s so FRESH and NEW (cut yourself some slack bestie).

But I think repurposing content, reposting content that did really well — those are both things that the most effective content creators and marketers do. 

Sometimes people just want the classics (*retweet*).

5. Why branding is caring:

It really comes down to GENUINELY CARING about customers (treat them like your bestie).

To create a more resilient brand, focus on expressing care for customers through great content, great campaigns, great product experiences.

Look at a brand like HubSpot, they really care about putting something out that’s going to benefit people (ily HubSpot).

That’ll last a lot longer than the brands that pop up and just run some FB ads.

That’s a cash grab kind of thing. 
You can tell when a brand doesn’t actually care about its customers. It’ll come through somehow, even if you’re saying whatever you think people are into.