01 September 2022 |

The 22 Best Healthcare Business Follows

By Blake Madden

This newsletter is all about my favorite healthcare business influencers and why you should consider following them too. There are a lot of brilliant, insightful minds in healthcare, but here are a few of my faves.

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Content Creators & Builders:

Nikhil Krishnan. Nikhil provides interesting and insightful commentary on healthcare and VC trends in a witty and entertaining way. His knack for creating timely but hilarious healthcare memes is unmatched. Shoutout to the thinkboi and I hope he continues to pave the way in healthcare.

Jared Dashevsky. As my close colleague who writes the Hospitalogy brother newsletter Healthcare Huddle, Jared brings a unique expertise bridging the gap between the clinician and what they need to know about the business of healthcare from their perspective. He’s a great follow who dives into a variety of topics like the dire need for geriatricians and the growing demand for colonoscopies, AKA the golden age of rectums. I’m not saying this because I have to – Jared writes great content and is a thoughtful, hardworking machine.

Blake Madden. Listen, I’m only including myself for SEO purposes, otherwise I would never put my name on here in a shameless plug! I write a newsletter that dives deep into the business of healthcare and I’m active across Twitter and LinkedIn talking about healthcare mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, finance, strategy, digital health, and more!

Christina Farr. As a former healthcare reporter most recently for CNBC, Christina has a wealth of connections and a great ability to crowdsource and bring healthcare folks together from a variety of backgrounds. Her current role at OMERS Ventures includes insightful newsletter writing through Second Opinion, where she interviews digital health executives and touches on the trends affecting them alongside Marissa Moore, whom I also recommend you follow!

Brendan Keeler. Brendan is the beast of healthcare interoperability, APIs, and EHR platforms. Every time I read his newsletter or content, I learn about something health-tech stack related that I didn’t even know existed. His insights have definitely filled in major gaps in my healthcare knowledge, and for that reason, I grant him a spot on this list. He’s also an awesome dude and currently works as a PM at Zus Health.

Jan-Felix Schneider. If you’re interested in learning more about who’s building out the infrastructure for digital health providers, Jan-Felix shares the who, what, and how of the Lego blocks for the next era of tech-enabled healthcare.

Jacob Effron. Jacob writes a great business-focused newsletter called Vital Signs and has evolved it from there into a podcast with consistently great interviews across hospital at home, psychedelics, Galileo, and more.

Rohan Siddhanti. As one of the more well-learned individuals on the services side, Rohan works at Bright Health as the partnerships lead in its business development segment. Rohan shares unique perspective on current HC trends and provides thoughtful insights. He’s also working on something (side eyes) …

Matthew Holt, apart from being a hilarious and great Twitter follow, also started and founded one of the first successful healthcare blogs – The Health Care Blog. He regularly meets with healthcare founders and provides great insights through both the blog, social media, and video formats on THCB and YouTube.

Rik Renard. Rik writes Care Ops and has lots of great content on the clinical operations side of things for builders. Dude is hilarious and makes some great memes on Twitter as well.


Alex Cohen. He’s special because he not only brings the humor on Twitter…he takes it to LinkedIn. And it’s incredible.

Bad HIPPA Takes (sic, but that’s the bit). Highlighting people who know next to nothing about healthcare data sharing and absolutely refuse to do research.

Bad Medical Takes. They post medical takes from random people that you would not BELIEVE. This is probably my fave

Doc Around the Clock. He’s like the dad jokes of healthcare.

Dr. Glaucomflecken. This dude is just downright hilarious. He’s an ophthalmologist and makes incredible comedic Tik Toks about the inner dialogues of hospitals.

Reporters / News Content

Bob Herman. My favorite reporter to follow and recently transitioned to the Stat team from Axios. Bob covers all the hot healthcare topics and brings to light a lot of undercover healthcare happenings.

Sarah Kliff dives into investigative journalism covering health policy and diving into the crazy world of healthcare claims, including stupid surprise medical bills and absolutely bizarre health insurance stories. Worth a follow to keep a pulse on the latest in policy.

Insightful Commentators

Dan O’Neill provides great commentary on current issues affecting healthcare providers and related organizations. He doesn’t hold back his opinion and has in-depth, thorough analysis intertwined with his opinions primarily on value-based care and policy initiatives.

Julie Yoo. As a GP at a16z, Julie Yoo tweets and distributed content / resources on a wide array of healthcare startups & health tech. She sees everything from the ground up and provides a great perspective from that viewpoint.

John Prendergass is focused on the kidney care space and also puts in his 2 cents on Twitter in his spare time, sharing insightful Twitter threads and general healthcare thoughts.

Nikita Singareddy has an unreal diversity of thought across life, philosophy, healthcare and a little of everything mixed in. One of the most insightful follows on the TL.

Sam Toole works as a Principal at Primary VC with a background in healthcare. He spends time breaking down certain public healthcare companies via Twitter threads and otherwise engages in following healthcare and VC investments.

Joe Connolly is the founder & CEO of Visana Health and tweets often about improving the patient experience and digital health musings.

Dhruv Vasishtha is currently building Firsthand care and has a wealth of healthcare experience & knowledge. He’s interested in a variety of healthcare content across VBC and other trends and I personally enjoy his thoughts and opinions.

If there’s anyone great that I missed here, please drop their handle by replying to this e-mail! Who do you follow? What kind of content do you consume? Hit me with it – I want to see it all.

Finally, if you’re not following me on Twitter or LinkedIn, I post my thoughts on there all the time. Happy to connect!

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