09 June 2022 |

The Marketing Millenials- 06/09/2022

By Daniel Murray


Throughout my marketing career, I’ve kept a SWIPE FILE (inspiration file) of my favorite MARKETING IDEAS: tweets, thoughts, articles, podcasts, ads, TikToks and our favorite, MEMES. 

Every week I’ll be sharing 3 of my favorites from my archives + what I’m adding to my swipe this week.

1. Billion Dollar Advertisement 

Insight from: David Ogilvy.

The best advertising doesn’t feel like advertising

The advertisement feels like pure education.

This advertisement is 99% give and only 1% sell. 

And, ironically this ad gives away all of Olgilvy’s secrets.

This strategy works very well in marketing. 

Like Garyvee says, “Give, give,give, give, give … Ask.”

It’s all summed up by the principle in social psychology called reciprocity, which basically says, “we give back what we receive.”

I know you know that feeling when someone gives you a bday gift or invites you to an event – you then feel obligated to return the favor.

That’s what you do when you give away free education to people without asking for anything in return. 

They’ll return the favor. 🙂 

2. Shooooooooort attention span

Insight from: Julian Shapiro ( Follow Julian on Twitter: @julian)

Long content does perform. Boring and bad content doesn’t.

My theory is that our attention spans haven’t shrunk (that much).

Our ability to FILTER out bad content and noise has just gotten better.

This filter puts the pressure on marketers to come to the table with: BETTER content, BETTER creative, and BETTER storytelling.

Your audience’s attention is harder to capture.

You have to be creative to win. 

Build trust and brand to win.

Be different to win. 

3. Engage the audience

Insight from: Brianne Fleming (Follow Brianne on Twitter: @brianne2k)

Most brands on social media are all about themselves, especially in B2B.

They talk at their audience, not with their audience.

Social media is called “social” media for a reason.

Be social.

Do what we talked about! Give, give, give, give, then talk about yourself. 

Also, the best brands do unscalable things.

  • Unscalable things:
  • Responding to comments
  • Responding to DMs
  • Entering other conversations 
  • Engaging your audience 

All of these take time and shouldn’t be automated. 

This is how you build connection, trust, and bring your audience closer to you.

Time well spent. 


The best ads don’t feel like ads. 😂

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